The Link4Life Project is a Registered Charity (No 1136831) whcih was started by local churches in 2010.  It aims to bring churches, schools and the wider community together to support the work of Christian charities working in Southern Africa.

Our vision is to help young people visit three Christian charities and work alogside the charities' workers and volunteers. To listen, learn adn encourage those they meet and then speak up on their behalf when they return home.  We hope that adults will want to get involved too.  We hope to be able to help the work the charities do and raise funds and support for them, now and in the future...Those who visit learn a lot and are often challenged and changed by God in the process. We hope that it will help our community to be part of a Link4Life with some of the communities in southern Africa 

The Charities are...
1. Hands @ Work in Africa... working with those affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic
2. Mercy Air... a mission aviation group who fly people & materials throughout southern Africa.
3. The Baby Bear project... giving vital help to newbron babies and their mothers in Durban

In July 2010 Two teams of people from local high schools & the church and community visited these charities in South Africa.  The teams worked alongside charity workers, seeking to listen adn encourage them in their remarkable work.  We are now busy making plans for another team of school students to  visit in July 2011.

To find out more please download an information sheet by clicking the link "click for more information" below or contact Richard & Rose Westwood (details are on the right border of our homepage)

Baby Bear

The Baby Bear Project supports the work of St Mary's Maternity Hospital in Duban by sending essentials to be given to new-born babies... nappies, towels, etc and a hand knitted teddy!
Mercy Air use light aircraft and a helicopter to fly people, goods and equipment to where they are needed in remote parts of Africa
Hands @ Work in Africa works help and support those affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic- throuhg home based care and work with orphaned and vulnerable children.